Digital Drawing “The Chameleon” 2016

Digital drawing "The Chameleon", 2016(Click image to go to the webshop)

Digital Drawing,
“The Chameleon” 2016.

2D Digital low-poly vector drawing.

nr. 3 in a series of mosaic/mesh drawings inspired by natures creatures.

Please like, follow and let me know what you think of it in the comments. Also let me know what animal you would like me to draw next!


“My Island” Unity3D example for a workshop

Unity3D My Island Nightscene


Screenshot taken from a example scene that i created in Unity3D for a workshop on how to create a fantasy island level

*Update!*. Since the beginning of this year I have been developing and teaching workshops on game design with Unity3D on a high school. In these workshops I teach kids how to use the Unity editor, Unity’s terrain tools to sculpt terrain, add trees and grass, use different textures, lights, particle systems, C# programming and little bit of 3D modeling with Sculptris. All whilst building their own private island. Because who doesn’t want a private island?

It is fun.



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