TDX-2: Tower Defence eXperiment-2 (Process update 2)

Since the last update I have made a lot of changes to TDX-2. I took a step back from the multiplayer part of the game and instead focussed on getting the pathfinding and the AI agents movement behaviour right. For the navigation of the ai agents in the game i made the choice to go... Continue Reading →


TDX-2: Tower Defence eXperiment-2 (Process update)

For a couple of weeks now I have been working on creating a tower defence singleplayer+multiplayer game. The plan is to develop it for Windows and MacOS first and then hopefully later (when I can afford a good VR development workstation:))  turn it into a VR game as well. For this game I was mostly... Continue Reading →

Mobile Tank Game (W.I.P) Screenshot 5: Flippin’ UI Canvas magic

Screenshot of the Tankmanious main menu scene version 1 Flipping UI canvas system For the Tankmanious main menu screen I wanted to develop a UI system that uses Unity's 'world space' canvas system, because I love the idea of information screens magically floating around having a position in 3D space instead of being flat and right... Continue Reading →

Mobile Tank Game (W.I.P) Screenshot 4: Tank tracks system

Triangular shaped tank tracks created with the tank tracks system To good to use When I began working on Tankmanious I wanted the tanks in the game to have realistically moving tank tracks with individual track pieces, so I thought it would be interesting to create a tank track system. After doing some research on... Continue Reading →

Mobile Tank Game (W.I.P) Screenshot 3: Total Loss

A process screenshot of the game-over screen from my mobile tank game project: Tankmanious (working title).  The scoring system On this screenshot you see the game over screen and the game's scoring system. The total score of the player is based on firing accuracy, remaining health and the total kills. I later added a system... Continue Reading →

Mobile Tank Game (W.I.P) Screenshot 2

One of the first 'on stage' process screenshots from my mobile tank game project: Tankmanious (working title).  'BreakOutBlocks' In the previous post I showed a screenshot from the Unity scene view ('behind the scenes') of Tankmanious, so the part that the player never get's to see. On this screenshot you see the Game view from... Continue Reading →

Unity3D Prototype Experiment / SolarSystem, 2014

SolarSystem, 2014 Unity3D Experiment, programmed in C#. A prototype / experiment for making a "solar system" videogame main menu in the videogame engine  Unity3D. I wanted this menu to feel like a spinning-top/globe that the user can interact with by click-dragging or swiping the mouse in all directions. When the user drags the mouse up... Continue Reading →

Unity3D Simplex Noise-field Experiment “Sea of Cubes” 2014

Unity3D Simplex Noise-field Experiment "Sea of Cubes", Nov 2014. About a year ago I started learning the Unity3D game engine program and the programming language C#(see sharp). With the aim of creating a video game for mobile phones. I'm going to show more about that game later on, when it's more finished. As part of... Continue Reading →

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