Drawing Bump Maps in Realtime in Blender 2.80 (Quick Tutorial)

Drawing Bump Maps in Realtime in Blender 2.80 (Quick Tutorial)   Introduction This tutorial briefly explains how you can get started with drawing bump- and/or normal maps using Texture paint mode in Blender 2.80, and see the results in real-time in the 3D viewport of Blender.   1.  Create a new scene, delete the default... Continue Reading →


Character Clothing with Cloth Simulation (Quick Tutorial)

I Love good basics! ❤️ Just wanted to upload this GIF.. I'm working on some character clothing for a third person shooter project/experiment, using Blender's cloth simulation. Just thought it looked really cool. Also to make sure I remember the steps later on I wrote a small tutorial about it.. Quick Tutorial Create a T-shirt mesh... Continue Reading →

How to use a MIDI controller to control brush sizes in Blender with REAL sliders!

While I was working on a 3D sculpting 'sculpted' hair for a model of Dr. Michio Kaku in Blender, I wondered how much nicer it would be to control the three main settings for the sculpting brushes in blender; size, strength and smoothness, with real physical sliders instead of the onscreen digital sliders. Since I... Continue Reading →

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