Character Clothing with Cloth Simulation

I Love good basics! ❤️ Just wanted to upload this GIF.. I'm working on some character clothing for a third person shooter project/experiment, using Blender's cloth simulation. Just thought it looked really cool! Quick Tutorial Create a T-shirt mesh that looks a little something like this. Make sure to remove the 'faces only' for the sew... Continue Reading →


How to use a MIDI controller to control brush sizes in Blender with REAL sliders!

While I was working on a 3D sculpting 'sculpted' hair for a model of Dr. Michio Kaku in Blender, I wondered how much nicer it would be to control the three main settings for the sculpting brushes in blender; size, strength and smoothness, with real physical sliders instead of the onscreen digital sliders. Since I... Continue Reading →

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