“The Fourth Dimension” Egg-Tempera/Oil-painting, 2010

The Fourth Dimension , 2010. Gesso, Tempera and oil-paint on panel

“The Fourth Dimension”,2010.
Gesso,Tempera & oil-paint on MDF panel, 121 x 61 cm.

A work about four-dimensional light, female and egg shapes and about growing and rising. The shape as a whole is grown and evolved from a very simple working pattern and can be found to be birdlike.


Acrylic Paintings “MindScape1&2” 2010


 “MindScape1”, 2010
Acrylic on paper,  59 x 45cm.


 “MindScape2”, 2010
Acrylic on paper,  45 x 59cm.

Two abstracts paintings that I totally forgot about. Found them when I was cleaning under my bed. I made them in 2010 during my time at the academy and I remember that I was very inspired by the romantic painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich.

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