About Me

Process picture of 'My Residual Self Image'

Welcome to my blog,

On this blog you can find a selection of the works I made in the past couple of years.
I am a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduated in 2013 at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
My main focus lies mainly with painting and drawing. I research many different materials and techniques, and work on developing my own language and style.
I love playing with vanishing points, tones, colors, gray values, composition, layers, patterns, rules, rhythm, and the removing and adding of information to pictures.
I find consistancy in my work just as important as diversity in subjects and also want to show lucidity or ‘klaarheid’ in my work, something i believe is only achievable in art.

For commissions, collaborations, questions or remarks, please contact me:

E-mail: timcoster@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Coster/445616395476253
Twitter: https://twitter.com/timcoster 

If you like my craft and really want to support me in making more hopefully inspiring works, you can buy one of my original works by contacting me, buy a design product from my webshop at: http://society6.com/timcoster
Or if you just want to buy me a coffee then feel free to make a small Donation with this button!:


5 thoughts on “About Me

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    1. Hey Crystal! Your very welcome. Really love your works. Especially the plant life, fragmentations and crack in time works. But all of them are really good!
      Cheers and have a nice day,


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