TC Introducing: Gertrude “Dollasign” Perkins

The very 1st TC introducing :
Gertrude “Dollasign” Perkins

This very first edition of TC introducing is about an artist i know from my first year of study at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who’s real name is Cedric ter Bals and who now goes through his artist life by the name of Gertrude “Dollasign” Perkins. He lives in the beach place Scheveningen and is currently in the second year of studying Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.



Under this androgyn-like pseudonym Gertrude violently creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos  and video artworks with an amazing amount of energy.
The atmosphere of his works is often ‘unsettling’, his style is balanced, raw ‘overall’, but also refined where it needs to be and never too polished.
One of the reasons why i like Gertrude is because he never begs for any attention
but let’s his works demand it upon sight.
He is still relatively young (age 24 at the time of writing) and still studying. Now at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, but he is already very skilled. Both in technique and conceptuality.
Where a lot of art nowadays  shy’s away from public opinion in the presumption that it’s useless and just a waste of space, money and time, his art ‘punches’ back in the faces of that public. With humor, a bit of sarcasm towards that presumption, but also with an understanding for those feelings and what that public wants at the same time.
In my opinion his art shifts the attention away from the problems art has with itself, but towards the subjects that matter more, like war, racism and sexism, by means of showing the beauty and sometimes ‘beautiful’ -ugliness of those subjects.



A few years ago, due to a medical condition received at birth, Gertrude had to undergo a face changing operation, where both his upper and lower yaw were placed some millimeters forward. Maybe because of this rare experience Gertrude now knows what it is to change appearance. He showed  that recently by dressing up as a woman, for the presentation of his new jewelry line, and really becoming his androgyn alter ego. While that transformation was only for the sake of the presentation, it shows that he is willing to go that far to speak to the general public and maybe to tell them that art is not much different from them and from what they like. In his opinion art is for everyone and everyone should be able to enjoy it.


The Future is Nigh

Since the start of his education at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, Gertrude is also exploring the subject of video-art and documentary films. I highly recommend taking a look at his Youtube page, and do feel free to subscribe to his channel.

In the near future i hope and expect to see a lot more of his video artworks as well as new paintings, drawings and sculptures and i can’t wait to see his first documentary film. Keep an eye out on his website and also on this blog because i will be posting more works from Gertrude in the future. (Dutch)

Gertrude Perkins Youtube page (the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague)


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