Unity ShaderGraph Procedural Skybox (Tutorial)

Unity ShaderGraph Procedural Skybox (Tutorial) Create the sun and the sky, And the stars and the clouds, Add them all up, And turn day into night 0.Introduction Turns out..it's surprisingly easy to start creating your own custom skybox shaders with Unity + ShaderGraph... In this tutorial we'll build up a fully customisable skybox by creating... Continue Reading →

Unity VFX-Graph Snow Globe Experiment

https://youtu.be/1lGwfwqf9_c Snow globe particle system created with Unity  Visual Effect Graph. It uses inner sphere collision, scrolling turbulence, randomly rotating gravity force and mass relative to particle size. Screenshot from the VFX-Graph (for recreational purpose), or you can download the graph from here: github.com/Timanious/Unity-VFX-Graph-Samples

Drawing Bump Maps in Realtime in Blender 2.80 (Quick Tutorial)

Drawing Bump Maps in Realtime in Blender 2.80 (Quick Tutorial)   Introduction This tutorial briefly explains how you can get started with drawing bump- and/or normal maps using Texture paint mode in Blender 2.80, and see the results in real-time in the 3D viewport of Blender.   1.  Create a new scene, delete the default... Continue Reading →

Afbeeldingen Transformeren (Photoshop)

Afbeeldingen Transformeren (Photoshop) Transformeren = Verplaatsen/Schalen/Roteren   Met transformeren in Photoshop kun je o.a. een laag, selectie of vorm schalen, verkleinen, vergroten, schuin trekken, vervormen of roteren. De belangrijkste hiervan zijn het schalen en roteren, dit is namelijk bijna altijd nodig als je foto's gaat bewerken en is meestal ook het eerste wat nodig is... Continue Reading →

Photoshop Book/Film/Game Cover

Photoshop: Book/Film/Game Cover     Onderwerp bedenken.     Afbeeldingen zoeken,     Bewerken,     Text plaatsen. Introductie In deze tutorial leer je hoe je met Photoshop verschillende afbeeldingen tot een nieuw geheel kunt samenvoegen, bijvoorbeeld voor het maken van een boek-, film- of game-cover. Voor welk boek of voor welke film of game... Continue Reading →

Creating Tileable Textures in Illustrator (using Symbols)

Creating Tileable Textures in Illustrator (using Symbols)     Create artwork.     Make it a symbol.     Copy/paste it four times.     Make edges seamless. In this tutorial we will use Adobe Illustrator to create tileable or 'seamless' textures the smart way, using Dynamic Symbols. By using Symbols we can overcome a lot... Continue Reading →

Character Clothing with Cloth Simulation (Quick Tutorial)

I Love good basics! ❤️ Just wanted to upload this GIF.. I'm working on some character clothing for a third person shooter project/experiment, using Blender's cloth simulation. Just thought it looked really cool. Also to make sure I remember the steps later on I wrote a small tutorial about it.. Quick Tutorial Create a T-shirt mesh... Continue Reading →

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